We’re inspired by the #boutonbutton #blift community! 
As we celebrate our 1st anniversary, we want to continue the celebratory spirit with 100 #blifter #selfcare journey stories in the hope of inspire you to unroll your mat and start your #selfcare journey today!
#BLIFT – the proclamation of #BelievingInYourself and #LiftingSpirits

Bouton Button #BLIFTER

Edition #003 – Our Indonesia National Ambassador @yogi_bee 

Founder of @beeyogastudio, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Unrolling my mat to practice will make my negative feelings evaporate.”

Showing up on her mat and sharing her daily morning practice routine is what Angel does daily! Not just perfect poses, but also real-life daily practice advice. Be it finger-stand trial or a perfect kick, you can get it all on her feed! Angel started her yoga journey six years ago from yoga pranayama (yoga breathing and cleansing) before practising asana. The consistent practices of both breathing and physical asana healed her physically and spiritually, while nurturing her open heart and mind.  

She wants to share the benefits she harnessed from yoga with her community. Teaching yoga is a calling for her! She turned her fashion design studio into a yoga studio! Seeing her students reaping the benefits of doing yoga is satisfying and priceless to Angel. Her love of teaching yoga gets more and more passionate as time goes on! Sharing beautiful and positive energy is her joy now!

A believer of energy cycle, Angel finds herself stronger, more compassionate, grateful, and fulfilled than she has ever been since she started teaching! 

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