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Yoga Mat FAQ

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  1. What is the yoga mat made of?
    • Our yoga mat is made with environment friendly, toluene-free and butyraldehyde-free, natural rubber and PU coating.
  1. Can I use the mat if I am allergic to latex?
    • Your safety is our top priority. If you are allergic to latex, we advise you not to use our mat.
  1. How do I clean the yoga mat?
    • You can find the cleaning instructions here.
  1. How long does the yoga mat last?
    • The mat will wear out in usually 1 to 2 years, but timing vary depending on your practice frequency and care for the mat.
  1. Why does the mat smell?
    • Because the mat is made from natural rubber there will be a slight natural smell. No worries. The smell is harmless and will fade away over time.
  1. How do I deal with dust on the mat?
    • The mat is designed to provide you with ultimate grip, so stickiness is normal. We suggest you use a gentle brush to brush off dust.
  1. Where is the mat made?
    • The mat is designed in Canada and Singapore, and made in China with imported natural rubber or materials from other countries.
  1. How do I get rid of rolling lines or discoloured area?
    • You will notice uneven colour on the yoga mat. This is due to dryness during storage. Spray some water on the yoga mat and air dry (or with hairdryer in cool mode).
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